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Forever Young
Jil Sander New Order / Harper's Bazaar
All about Dell'Acqua / Harper's Bazaar
Angelos Bratis Essay
The End Of The World As We Know It / Vioro
Juicy / Marie Claire China
Aquabella / Marie Claire China
Young and beautiful
Everything is Contemporary / Vioro Magazine
Art Of Simplicity / Marie Claire China
Colore fresco / Ladies Magazine
Blurred Girl / MFL Magazine
Pale Wednesday / Positive Magazine
Gaucho Style / GLAMOUR
The Sweet and Powerful / Marie Claire China
Denim! / GLAMOUR
A Colorful Day! / Marie Claire China
Justine & Juliette / White Magazine
Gymnasium / Fucking Young Magazine
Toni Elevati / Velvet
A Feminine Attitude / VOGUE Accessory
Nell'Ombra Dorata / Maxime
Fashionable Bicycles / Velvet
Miss Julia / Alyaqza Magazine
Flash! / Velvet
Street Cult / MFL Magazine
Night Harbour / The Bund Magazine
Givenchy: The Big Match / MFF Magazine
Hitchcock ladies / Marie Claire China
Exotic Beat / The Bund Magazine
Fairy Tale / Vogue Gioiello
Milano Portfolio / Man in Italy
Hunter Magazine
Achtung baby / MFL Magazine
Killing time
Evelyn / The Ones to Watch
New Tribes / MFL
Bold & Gold / Vogue Gioiello
Deserto rosso
Open sea / Viaggi del Sole 24 Ore
Room Service / Vision China
Be a Hollywood Star / Marie Claire
Gruppo in un interno / Viaggi del Sole 24 Ore
June N.
Eine neue welt
Love Me Do / Marie Claire
Flavius / Issue One
La Femme Ecarlate / Marie Claire
The veil
Aomi / Luna
Oh Silvana
2046 / Viaggi del Sole 24 Ore
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